Enable ads on Buddypress Website

Hello everyone ! Today I am available with an important tutorial on how to enable ads on the Buddypress website. There are plugins available which can do this work for you. But, if you like to control things and do not want to install plugins for a small work. You are on right place. But before proceeding to the tutorial, You should know the following things

1. How to add bp-custom.php file in buddypress
2. You should have basic knowledge of coding language like php, html and css
Enable ads on Buddypress Website    Let us begin. In order to add ads in between the Buddypress activities. you should add below code in your bp-custom.php file 
Let us try to understand what our code is doing.
We are defining a function called my_activity_ads and then we will hook that function with bp_before_activity_entry. What it does it will add the Adsense code before an activity entry according to the conditions defined in if statement. In the if condition we are checking if the activity is the 5th, 1…

How to add author box below post in buddypress website

Today I will try to give a tutorial on how to add author box at the end of the post and sync it with the Buddypress user profile. In the Buddypress forum I was asked about how to add author box which should display author details like author name, author avatar and author bio. This tutorial needs a few prerequisites before we start kindly check this.
1. Make a child theme before putting code in the functions.php file.
2. A xprofile field should be name "Bio" should be created. 3. Should have understanding of the Wordpress template structure and basic knowledge of php, htm, css etc
 How to add author box below post in buddypress website Let us begin ! In order to add the author bio in the single post. You should first create a xprofile field and name it as " Bio ". It should be a multiple line text area so that user can enter their details. After this step is completed we need to put the following code in your child theme's functions.php. I repeat create a chil…

Show all tags of an author in multiauthor wordpress website

Yesterday I was trying to create a function which would include all tags with number of post count in the author profile. For everyone who is using multi author blog and want to give the user ability to see the number of posts tagged with a certain keyword. You all are aware of uses of the tags and how it can help in creating more organized content. Tags are easier to manage from the end user perspective. I was trying to create a social network for students and teachers. Any user can easily post an article and tag it with certain keywords. For example, If a teacher wants to share his expertise on wordpress themes, he can write a post and tag it with "wordpres theme tutorial" whereas he can also write about the wordpress plugin and tag it with "wordpress plugin tutorial". Now I wanted to show top 5 recent posts by that author in his profile page and all tags that he used with the posts count.
Here is the result :
Note that It is recent 5 posts by a particular autho…

Customize wordpress running on IBM bluemix

In the last post, I wrote about how to install wordpress on bluemix. The wordpress boilerplate comes with some useful plugins like Disable updates manager, Wp super cache, Object storage and Sendgrid.  What if we need to install some other plugins, themes or upload plugins ? We can easily Customize wordpress running on IBM bluemix by following correct method. Lets have a brief overview of what these plugins do.

Disable updates manger - It disable automatic updates. As the bluemix does not use persistent file system, using the automatic update buttons in the WordPress UI would cause updates and plugins that you install to disappear after your app restarts.

Object Storage - Handles all media uploads

Sendgrid - Sendgrid provides email integration

Wp super cache - A nice Caching plugin 

Customize wordpress running on IBM bluemix  Wordpress customization in bluemix is handled by the composer.json file located at the root of your app. The file can be accessed in Git repository. We can includ…

Wordpress on Bluemix - Create a wordpress website

Last week I got a chance to deploy a wordpress project on bluemix and thought to share my experience with other people. I will cover all the challenges that I faced while deploying the project on Bluemix cloud server. I am a budding developer like you and makes so many mistakes. I had earlier experience of using One Click installer that every shared hosting provider has to create a worpdress website in a few minutes. But, Bluemix experience was simply different.

As you all know that IBM Bluemix provides platform to Code, Run and Deploy projects in Cloud servers. I thought can we deploy a wordpress website on the Bluemix cloud environment. I searched some sources and became happy that big player like IBM is also taking care of budding wordpress user. Cool right !!!

Wordpress on Bluemix - Create a wordpress website IBM Bluemix has a prebuilt wordpress boilerplate which can be simply used to create a wordpress website. It is as simple as One Click Installer to deploy a wordpress project…

IBM Bluemix Pricing For Wordpress Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is creating a lot of buzz among Wordpress users. Everybody likes a website which loads in a few seconds without any lag irrespective of number of online users. We are heading towards Wordpress managed hosting to unlock efficient load time. Cloud is a new platform which promises to support high speed , stability and scalability. Many cloud service providers are in a race to grow their cloud business like Google Cloud, Amazon and IBM. Frankly speaking, I am afraid of the cost they charge to run my small wordpress blog. I think I will not be able to handle those expenditures. But, I think it's a myth. In this article I will try to analyze on  IBM Bluemix Pricing For Wordpress Cloud Hosting. We will see if we can use these premium services without much expenditure.

What is IBM Bluemix IBM Bluemix is a cloud platform developed by IBM which supports several programming languages and services as well as DevOps to build,run,deploy and manage application on the cloud. We ar…

Buddypress Demo Website - Learn Buddypress

Welcome to Buddypress Demo Website - Learn Buddypress.All users who are using Wordpress for creating website are well aware of Buddypress. For those who doesn't know about it - Buddypress is a powerful plugin that converts your blog in a full fledged community website in no time. In laymen language we can use this plugin to create a small social network like Facebook. It is bundled with a lot of features that is needed for well built social community site. Just activate the plugin and boom ! You are ready to rock. But, It's always good to test and decide yourself about your requirements are. Requirements differs for different websites. So, we can use a Buddypress Demo Website to test this plugin.

Features of Buddypress  Now, we know what Buddypress does. Let's jump into the features we get out of the box after activating this plugin. Extended Profile  Your member will have a personalized profile page with custom profile fields. The profile tab will display data input give…