Customize wordpress running on IBM bluemix

In the last post, I wrote about how to install wordpress on bluemix. The wordpress boilerplate comes with some useful plugins like Disable updates manager, Wp super cache, Object storage and Sendgrid.  What if we need to install some other plugins, themes or upload plugins ? We can easily Customize wordpress running on IBM bluemix by following correct method. Lets have a brief overview of what these plugins do.

Disable updates manger - It disable automatic updates. As the bluemix does not use persistent file system, using the automatic update buttons in the WordPress UI would cause updates and plugins that you install to disappear after your app restarts.

Object Storage - Handles all media uploads

Sendgrid - Sendgrid provides email integration

Wp super cache - A nice Caching plugin 

Customize wordpress running on IBM bluemix 

Wordpress customization in bluemix is handled by the composer.json file located at the root of your app. The file can be accessed in Git repository. We can include more plugins using this file and deploy the project. 

Step by step guide to Customize wordpress running on IBM bluemix 

Login to Bluemix website and navigate to the application dashboard.

Click on the running application and click on View Toolchain button 

Click on the Eclipse Orion Web IDE. Your work place will be prepared from where you can directly edit your app and deploy your project.

We have to configure our application in the editor for easy deployment. Click on Create new launch configuration beside the tool option. 

Your app configuration pop up box will be displayed.
We have to enter correct Application Name and Host. Just choose your running app name from the dropdown. Click on the save button.

We can now simply click on the composer.json file from the left side bar and add the name of plugins and themes. For ex. I want to install a generatepress theme and jetpack application. I have edited the composer.json file like this.
We have to save the file and deploy the changed project. We remember that we have changed the application configuration setting in the beginning of the tutorial. A dedicated deployment button  (play icon) is present in the same toolbar. Just click and leave rest to bluemix. It will deploy your projectt and your plugin will be added.

For more advanced customization read How to add custom plugin to bluemix.

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