IBM Bluemix Pricing For Wordpress Cloud Hosting

 IBM Bluemix Pricing For Wordpress Cloud Hosting
Cloud hosting is creating a lot of buzz among Wordpress users. Everybody likes a website which loads in a few seconds without any lag irrespective of number of online users. We are heading towards Wordpress managed hosting to unlock efficient load time. Cloud is a new platform which promises to support high speed , stability and scalability. Many cloud service providers are in a race to grow their cloud business like Google Cloud, Amazon and IBM. Frankly speaking, I am afraid of the cost they charge to run my small wordpress blog. I think I will not be able to handle those expenditures. But, I think it's a myth. In this article I will try to analyze on  IBM Bluemix Pricing For Wordpress Cloud Hosting. We will see if we can use these premium services without much expenditure.

What is IBM Bluemix

IBM Bluemix is a cloud platform developed by IBM which supports several programming languages and services as well as DevOps to build,run,deploy and manage application on the cloud. We are interested in running Wordpress in IBM Bluemix cloud environment.

IBM Bluemix Pricing For Wordpress Cloud Hosting 

I started my first wordpress website with Godaddy by choosing a shared hosting plan. At that time Cloud servers were not that famous. Then, I moved to Hostgator. If we look at the current cost of shared hosting, It is nearly $8 - $9 per month to manage a wordpress site. But, have we ever thought what will it cost if we create a website by using premium IBM bluemix. I will try to cover "IBM Bluemix Pricing For Wordpress Cloud Hosting" with certain facts and figures.
IBM Bluemix offers a wide range of services and cost varies according to usage. I visited IBM Bluemix Website to see the pricing catalogue. It charges on the basis of GB hours. For example you are running an instance of wordpress which is using 256 MB memory. So, It will use 6 GB for the whole day. Multiply number of hours to the memory of instance. Other important thing to consider is the services your application is going to use like database, media storage.
The question arises what services does a wordpress site need. I deployed a wordpress project on the bluemix cloud platform and came to know that a wordpress application is basically using these three services which are free with a limit.

1. Availability Monitoring - Free 
2. Mysql Database [1GB] - Free  
3. Object Storage [5GB] - Free

In laymen language, It means you can run a Wordpress website with 1GB of database size and 5 GB of media like images,videos etc.

Now, talking about the Memory part of Wordpress. Look at the below pictures. When I signed up for the free tier account I got 1 GB of RAM to run my apps. I installed a wordpress app which typically uses 256 MB Memory.

IBM Bluemix Offer 

One more happy fact that will blow your mind. IBM bluemix offers first 375 GB Hours per month for free. It means you will not be charged to run up to two wordpress instance. Cool right !!!

My conclusion for looking  IBM Bluemix  as hosting wordpress

You can install a wordpress website on IBM bluemix with no extra cost but there is some limitation to it. Like 1 GB of database, 5 GB of object storage etc. But, Let me tell you these are enough to get started. You can write as much articles as you can and upload images. Even if your website becomes popular you can increase your resource requirement accordingly. I think its worth trying IBM bluemix as your next wordpress hosting platform.

Note - For each free tier account, You will have to provide credit card details to continue enjoying services.
 This is my personal analysis based on my knowledge and understanding. You can know more visiting IBM Bluemix Website.


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