Wordpress on Bluemix - Create a wordpress website

Last week I got a chance to deploy a wordpress project on bluemix and thought to share my experience with other people. I will cover all the challenges that I faced while deploying the project on Bluemix cloud server. I am a budding developer like you and makes so many mistakes. I had earlier experience of using One Click installer that every shared hosting provider has to create a worpdress website in a few minutes. But, Bluemix experience was simply different.

As you all know that IBM Bluemix provides platform to Code, Run and Deploy projects in Cloud servers. I thought can we deploy a wordpress website on the Bluemix cloud environment. I searched some sources and became happy that big player like IBM is also taking care of budding wordpress user. Cool right !!!

Wordpress on Bluemix - Create a wordpress website

IBM Bluemix has a prebuilt wordpress boilerplate which can be simply used to create a wordpress website. It is as simple as One Click Installer to deploy a wordpress project.Just click on a button and sit back Bluemix will deploy the project, Create a tool chain from where you can manage your codes and further deployment. That's simple.

Step by step guide to deploy a wordpress project 

We have divided this tutorial into three parts :-
  1. Registering a free account with bluemix
  2. Creating prerequisites before deploying wordpress
  3. Deploying and configuring wordpress

Registering a free account with bluemix

 Click on create a free account button
A form will be displayed like this 

Just fill the required details like Email, First Name, Last Name, Country, Phone Number and Password and submit the form.

You will get a confirmation screen stating that an activation mail has been sent to you.

Just go to your registered mail and search for the mail from bluemix team

You can read the content. It says you can enjoy 30 day free trial. Just click on Confirm Account. Your account will be activated.

Hurrah ! You have completed the first step. Well done. Take a deep breath and move to second step.

Creating prerequisites before deploying wordpress

Let's do preparation for correct deployment. Login to your bluemix account with the registered username and password. After successful login a pop up box will come to complete some initial set up. We should accept the terms and condition and move forward.

Let us create an organization. You can use default suggested name. Click on create.

The next step is creating a space. Just name your space like dev,test or prod.

Click on create button and you will be redirected to the APP dashboard.
Bingo! You have completed your second step. We are ready to move to the third step.

Deploy and configure wordpress

We are ready to deploy our wordpress website. We have to visit the below link.

The page contains Deploy To Bluemix Button. Click on the button. 

A pop up window will be displayed asking you to create a space for US South region. Just provide a suitable name like dev and click on create.

You will be asked to set up Toolchain. It's a platform from where you can build and deploy app efficiently. We have to edit mandatory information like App name. This should be unique else your build will fail. When we set the app name as "wordpress", the apps runs at sub domain like wordpress.mybluemix.net. If wordpress name already exists, You deployment will fail. Just choose a unique name.
Click on deploy project and relax. Bluemix will prepare all required tool to manage your wordpress website. 
We have four tools here. Think to track issues, a git repository to manage code and delivery pipeline to check the manage deployment, Orion eclipse web IDE to directly edit and deploy code from one place. Click on view app. 

You should be redirected to your wordpress install page. We can select the language and proceed further. 

You will be reach to the wordpress install page. we have to fill the required form fields like username, email, password and click on install. You wordpress will be installed successfully. 

Login to your wordpress website using the set username and password. Bingo ! Your wordpress website is running on the Bluemix cloud platform, Can you believe it ? 


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