How to add author box below post in buddypress website

Today I will try to give a tutorial on how to add author box at the end of the post and sync it with the Buddypress user profile. In the Buddypress forum I was asked about how to add author box which should display author details like author name, author avatar and author bio. This tutorial needs a few prerequisites before we start kindly check this.
1. Make a child theme before putting code in the functions.php file.
2. A xprofile field should be name "Bio" should be created. 3. Should have understanding of the Wordpress template structure and basic knowledge of php, htm, css etc

 How to add author box below post in buddypress website

Let us begin ! In order to add the author bio in the single post. You should first create a xprofile field and name it as " Bio ". It should be a multiple line text area so that user can enter their details. After this step is completed we need to put the following code in your child theme's functions.php. I repeat create a child theme before editing your main theme's functions.php.

Let us add some css to beautify our author box. Go to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS. You can edit it later. That's it. By now you would be able to see author box once you visit a post page. If the user has not entered anything in the bio section, no author box will appear. You can customize it later on. Reference - Code has been taken and modified from wpbegginer.


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