WP Analyser | Automated Security Analyser for WordPress Websites


Detailed security reports with guidelines to improve your website security.

Automated security analyser for WordPress
  • WP Analyser is a website security solution that scans WordPress websites, themes, and plugins to identify potential and existing vulnerabilities including virus and malware attacks, malicious activities, suspicious actions, as well as potential entry points for hackers. The software generates security reports and provides website owners and operators effective guidelines to further enhance the security of their WordPress Websites.
  • Website scans can be scheduled on a regular basis – daily, weekly, and monthly. Whenever WP Analyser finds security issues and potential threats, the software automatically sends email notifications to owners and operators. Additionally, WP Analyser doesn’t require website owners and operators to provide their WordPress login information.
  • Features and benefits:

  • WP Analyser scans your websites and looks for issues and vulnerabilities like hackers, viruses, malware, and other threats. On top of that, the software generates a detailed security report in just seconds. You don’t have to wait for hours and days to discover vulnerabilities that exist in your WordPress website. WP Analyser finds them quickly and easily and helps you address them effectively so that your site remains safe and secure for you and your visitors.
  • WP Analyser launches security scans and sets them against all known threats and issues found in multiple vulnerability databases. Each scan guarantees to find an issue with your website if they exist so that you can deal with them quickly and decisively.
  • You can set WP Analyser to initiate security scans on a schedule that you prefer. You can set it to run on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Whenever WP Analyser sees an issue or a potential security problem, you instantly get a notification that automatically alerts you and your team, allowing you to respond accordingly.
  • Currently the software covers over 12000 WordPress core, themes and plugins vulnerabilities.
  • Preview your historic security scans and guidelines at any moment.
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  • WP Analyser is designed for managing multiple WordPress websites, whether you are operating a single WordPress website or multiple websites, WP Analyser is capable of scanning and monitoring all of them.
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